• Ggwangamujje NY/NJ, Inc. formed
  • Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II visits his subjects in New York/New Jersey and North America, hosted by Ggwangamujje NY/NJ.
  • Facilitated the establishment of Agali Awamu Investment Club for Baganda in the New York/New Jersey to participate in the stock markets.
  • Ggwangamujje NY/NJ launched Clean Water project, to build hand-pumped water wells in cooperation with the BUCADEF division of the Buganda Kingdom government.
  • Created the Omumbejja (Princess) Ssangalyambogo Fund, which provided seed funds for a long-term savings program for the princess.
  • Ggwangamujje NY/NJ launched the Baganda Orphans Scholarhip. Over 10 students have benefited, with a number of them earning university degrees.
  • Ttabamiruka ’07, the first ever annual international Baganda Conference started in New Brunswick, New Jersey; graced by His Majesty, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.
  • Completed the third water well under the Clean Water project, in Najeera, Kyadondo.
  • Launched Buganda Trust, Inc. and non-profit charitable organization, to support Buganda cultural and educational causes.
  • Buganda Government organized the first annual Ttabamiruka conference in Buganda, similar to the USA Ttabamiruka 2007.
  • Ttabamiruka ’08 held in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • The ancient burial site of Buganda royal family, the Kasubi Tombs, burnt down by an arsonist. Ugandan security force shot live ammunition at Baganda demonstrators, killing over 10 Baganda.
  • Ttabamiruka ’09 conference cancelled.
  • Ttabamiruka ’10 held in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
  • Ggwangamujje NY/NJ and partners donated over $10,000 towards the reconstruction of the Kasubi Royal Tombs.
  • Ggwangamujje NY/NJ cerebrated the birth of Omulangira (Prince) Richard Semakokiro.
  • Ttabamiruka ’11 held in Chicago Illinois.
  • Ttabamiruka ’12 held in Boston MA; graced by His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi (represent by Omulangira David Wasajja).
  • The Buganda Government boycotted Ttabamiruka conferences organized by Ggwangamujje NY/NJ in America because these events barred Ugandan political activities and symbols.
  • Ttabamiruka ’14 held in Iselin, New Jersey.
  • Resolution passed to establish an international education and anti-defamation committee to teach about and address Buganda issues.
  • Launch of the redesigned website.