Join Ggwangamujje NY/NJ!

Ggwangamujje NY/NJ (Association) promotes socio-economic and cultural advancement of its members through educational and outreach programs that both use and promote the rich culture, customs, music, poetry, art, language and native problem solving skills of Baganda. Its current flagship activity is the organization and sponsorship of the Ttabamiruka of America conferences.

The Association, which is a United States registered not-for-profit Section 501c tax-exempt services organization that was started by Baganda living in New York and New Jersey, USA, is open to anyone living in North America and other countries, including Buganda.

To become a member of the Association for 2016, all you have to do is download and complete the application form below, then return it to the indicated address with the appropriate annual membership fees. For more information on  Ggwangamujje NY/NJ membership you can visit our Membership and Member Dues pages on this site.

Click here to download the Application Form.

Ggwangamujje NY/NJ reserves the right to deny membership to anyone who misrepresents his or her true identity on the membership application.