Who Can Join Ggwangamujje NY/NJ?

Any Muganda or other adult aged 18 years or above and living in New York/New Jersey and contiguous states and ascribes the mission of Ggwangamujje NY/NJ can qualify to become a full voting member. Others who ascribe to the mission of Ggwangamujje NY/NJ but live in distant places may join as associate members but shall not participate in voting on any official matter.

Click here to download Ggwangamujje NY/NJ membership application.

Member Benefits

Knowledge and Information

Ggwangamujje NY/NJ members get full access to all the organizations current and upcoming education programs and resources, including:

  • All all the artifacts from the Ttabamiruka conferences
  • Educational programs – about Kabaka, Buganda
  • Ttabamiruka conferences
  • Internship and youth training

Networking and Connections

Ggwangamujje NY/NJ programs and projects provide members with opportunities to meet new faces, network and establish new business and personal relationships. Such interactions help members to gain more confidence about their own identify as well as to enhance their leadership skills with centuries old Baganda social and problem solving traditions.

The opportunities for members to network and establish personal and professional connections with others include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The annual Ttabamiruka conferences – over the United States Labor Day weekend
  2. The Ggwangamujje NY/NJ Picnics – scheduling varies
  3. The Buganda Independence Celebration – on the 8th of October
  4. Career Planning Workshops – based on demand from members

Opportunity to Give Back

  • Volunteering
  • Support Kabaka’s programs
  • Tax-free donations to Buganda causes

Careers and Employment Support

Accomplished and experiences Ggwangamujje NY/NJ members are a valuable and inexpensive resource to members looking to develop their careers in the a wide variety of educational and professional fields. The association has specific programs to provide scholarships and promote networking.

Saving Tips

The Ggwangamujje NY/NJ are able to log into the association website, visit the Savings Forum page and find ideas and tips on how to save on shopping and other expenses. Members are also expected to post their own tips on how to save, if they have any, for the benefit of others.

Community Support

As a member of Ggwangamujje NY/NJ you can count on organization for physical and emotional support both in good and bad times. Support for paid up members includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Community Hotline: For assistance to resolve temporary personal crises
  2. Domestic support through births, weddings and other family celebrations
  3. Hospital and home visits during times of sickness
  4. Company and fellowship when mourning the loss of close family members (Okubeera mu Lumbe)