Omulangira Nicholas Basamula Speaks at Ttabamiruka ’15

Omulangira Nicholas Basamula presided over the awards ceremony at Ttabamiruka 2015 conference, which was organized by Ggwangamujje NY/NJ at the North Bethesda Marriot, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.  The recipients of Kitiibwa kya Buganda awards were Owek. Daniel Muliika, retired Katikkiro, and Owek. Florence Nkalubo Bagunywa, former Buganda Minister for Youth.

During his speech, the prince told Baganda from North America, Europe, Buganda and elsewhere, that their Kabaka is aware of the work being done through Ttabamiruka, Baganda back home know it too and it enjoys much support. He also told the Ttabamiruka attendees the following:

  • Baganda should appreciate the fact that they have a Kabaka, and should be loyal to him and defend him in every way possible.
  • Kabaka talagira, asiima busiimi (the Kabaka does not order people to do things; he only blesses or not bless what has been done).
  • Ttabamiruka conferences must be appreciated for being a creative engine that continuously comes up with great ideas like Kitiibwa kya Buganda Awards, which others follow.
  • Ttabamiruka ebeewo n’era, n’era! (Let Ttabamiruka be there for ever and ever!).