TTABAMIRUKA 2015 UPDATES VOL #1 – Feature: Ttabamiruka Fund Implementation

Feature: Ttabamiruka Fund Implementation
November 11, 2015
Dear Ttabamiruka Family members,


On behalf of 2015 Ttabamiruka Organizing Committee and our sponsors, Ggwangamujje NY/NJ, thank you for attending the conference in Washington, DC Metro area.  Thank you for your individual contributions, whether as attendees, advisors, volunteers, speakers or questioners or, simply “wonderful to be with brothers and sisters”. We hope you found the conference informative and worthwhile and that we all agree that the best days of Ttabamiruka in America are ahead of us.


This is the first in a series of updates that we will make to you regarding the outcomes and follow-up actions for Ttabamiruka ’15, until Ggwangamujje NY/NJ Executive appoint aTtabamiruka ’16 Organizing Committee.




At Ttabamiruka ’15 you proposed and approved the creation of a Ttabamiruka Fund where individuals or families can make monthly contributions towards relieving the cost burden that a handful of the organizers have faced for several years, to ensure that the conference remains independent from bad money and political influence. You also agreed that the official minimum contribution be $20/month although smaller amounts will also be accepted.




1. Ggwangamujje NY/NJ Executive approved and we have implemented a page on the Association website (, where you can make a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly contribution deducted from your credit or debit card to the Ttabamiruka Fund, which you proposed and approved at Ttabamiruka ’15.
2. Ggwangamujje NY/NJ Executive approved and instructed the Association treasurer to open a special bank account where those of you who wish to contribute by wire-transfer (standing order) can send the funds. The bank account is open:
Bank Name:               Wells Fargo Bank
Account Name:          Ggwangamujje NY/NJ – Ttabamiruka
Account Number:     1840814246 (Corrected to 5257547561)
Routing Number:      021200025


3. Some of you have indicated that you prefer to contribute by sending several post-dated checks to be banked on the indicated dates.


4. If you wish to pay by monthly checks, whether post-dated or not, please send them and your instructions to:


Ttabamiruka Fund
Ggwangamujje NY/NJ
1006 Park Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060


5. Owek. Dan Muliika, Omutaka Nakirembeka and Jjajja Mukyala, Mrs. Waliggo, returned safely to Buganda and resumed their services to Buganda, especially in educating Baganda youth.


6. Efforts to finalize Ttabamiruka ’15 Resolutions and other conference information is underway – to be completed and posted at shortly.


If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to


Look out for Updates VOL #2; in the meantime, please visit to start sending your monthly or annual contribution online to Ttabamiruka Fund. Or, follow the information provided above to contribute by direct transfer, check or money order.


Ssaabasajja Kabaka Awangaale!


Charles Mukasa